Thursday, 21 January 2016

What is in your Lunch Box?

We had a great start of the year as we already wrote that we began with a sabbatical of 20 / before Christmas and ending it on the 11th.
We loved the time that we spent by reading, googling and preparing the new programs for this amazing upcoming year.

As we were close to Limerick we decided to visit an old friend and Facebook Pal of us, that we had known now from years.
We met Colm O `Brien more than five years ago at a self-development meeting and then as we shared the same interests like business and self-development so kept meeting at different events.

After Abracadabra School was open, we even realize that we are in the same area of working as we bring a new way of education and Colm with his Carambola Kidz company is bringing awareness and healthy food in the kids and parents life.
So, being so close to Limerick we had contacted Colm, and he was very generous with his time, and we met in a rainy, windy, stormy Wednesday afternoon.
Now, we were prepared to see something great like business as we heard and followed the path of Karambola now from years, but we were not aware and prepared for what we not only seen, but what we experienced down at the company premises.
As you already know Abracadabra School we are all about nourishing the body and the soul of the next generation, we are willing to promote happiness and health for parents and kids.
We are dedicated to inspire and help families to raise their expectations and standards and only to accept the very best for their members. It is a confusing full of temptations world out there, it is a busy time, and we are busy parents.
We are the first generation of parents who are not able to promise and predict an exact future for their kids. Until now there was a scenario / born, for to school get great grades, get a job, work, make a family, retire/  what life as should be. Not anymore! Now we need to change all this as there is much more out there, there is a fast pass of change, and there is so much pressure that we need help and guidance in even with what to feed and how to feed our kids.

Yes, we do! It is not anymore about the food we buy, most people can afford to buy food, It is not anymore about the quality of the food but mostly is important; what it is in it and can we trust the source?
There are more obese children and diabetic and cancer patients children that ever before in history. Does this ring a bell to you?

Every day we face information that big brands and company had broken their promises and added sugar and boosted their foods and products with ingredients that are not quite acceptable.
I can hear you asking; alright what to do then, we can not isolate ourselves and our kids,
so ...?
No, we can not, but what we can is to use products that we can check on, products that have more than a promise; they have integrity and ethos.

This is what we found at Carambola Kidz: spotless hygiene, but like from the scratch to bottom, from the dressing rooms till the office and production line, corridors everywhere.
 Relaxed and happy people all around. Working together, smiling and communicating in a way that you can feel and see they love what they do. When the Big Boss, Colm was around nobody attitude had changed. They all do this as they believe in their work and love it, not to please and please not the"boss."
There are no loud words, expect good laugh, and there are no mistakes.
Technology is used to make sure that there are no mistakes at all in what get into the launch box, and it never happened in the history of the Carambola Kidz that a lunch was not delivered, or the order was mixed up.
It was just about the end of the day when we were there, and the focus and dedication were the same; everybody had a single goal: the lunch for the next day had to be delivered on time and perfect.  As they aways do!

All we felt was respect and admiration towards Colm and the Carambola Kidz.
Going into schools, and meeting many parents we always hear about what should I pack for lunch topic and also the time that we spend shopping arouT

Very busy parents who just might give money to their kids to enjoy the meal they want and all this is right, but still an excellent lunch in school is needed.
School Lunch is the power Lunch of the day!

If you're so lucky that you live in Ireland then why not check out Carambola Kidz website and get in touch with them and lay back and know that your kids lunch was just perfect!
If you are living in another country and you have or want a similar business, ask  for Colm expertise in how to do it!

If all this above did not convince you, well then I highly recommend you the book  "Feeding Johny" and extraordinary adventure of how passion, dedication, and love brings to extraordinary results.

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