Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year from Abracadabra&Story Bus

Happy New Year to all of you, dear Friends, followers, and first-time visitors!

We had an amazing 2015 and we are delighted to start a new year a fantastic one as we are now finalizing our plans and appearances.

On of the very important announcements that we want to bring in your attention is that with the kind support of Bank of Ireland, we will have every month one FREE workshop for you! Attendance is FREE but you need to email for an invitation as space is limited and also, we would like to offer you the best experience and our undivided attention.

We are currently on a "sabbatical" what we call this our extended holiday and will return to our HQ in Dublin on the 11th of January. Will use this time to create and record and finalize a few of our products so then we can bring joy and happiness than in your life with this.

Our first show and workshop in January  will be: Who Wants to Build A Snowman?

What is all this story about?

Happy is a happy penguin who lives at the Zoo and has many many friends. Even though he is happy some days he misses the snow and his dream is to build a snowman. But there is no snow where Happy lives. Come along and let`s help Happy to fulfill his dream.

 Learning: you need to start always from where you are with what you have and to take action  and things will come together and bring you the deserved results.

Emotions: happy, fear, anger, doubt, celebration

JANUARY FREE WORKSHOP WILL BE HELD AT BOI on GrAND CANAL in Dublin / date to be announced/  during the 3rd week of January
FREE but spaces limited at 20 so please send email that you wish to be invited

So, yes let`s start the year by learning how to take action, to observe together the opportunities around us and to discover the power of a team and how amazing is to help others. We believe this is a great start for the year. Don`t you?

Wishing you a great year and many adventures

Abracadabra Team&Story Bus Team

PS: DO not forget ABRACADABRA means I CREATE WHAT I SAY! SO: Abracadabra to you!

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