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The 3 Basic Emotions That Defines our Lifes

Yes, it is already the second week of the year 2016.
Hope you are all well and by now you are in full swing in creating amazing adventures and experiences that make you and your kids to grow and learning to be fun.

Here are the 3 most common "emotions" that can stop us from achieving our goals and stops us from having fun and happy life.

There are ony emotions, emotions that we create.

Here at Abracadabra we learn together how to create emotions instad of letting emotions ruling our lifes.

So for example: if you happen to get angry , well your behavier might anoy people around you and than things can escalade. So this is when emotions take over.
What oif you learn how to create your emotions, to be in charge so you create emotions like: confidence, happines and joy?

How does it sound?
You might say....well I wish it was so easy.....and I say: IT IS!

There are 3 basic emostions that are in charge mostly about how our day are going.

Let`s see how can we master them and what are the opposite feelings that we need to create instead.


Dictionary defines fear as
"an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm."

When I was a child, I grew up mostly with my Granny. She was and the amazing cook, amazing in looking after our health and safety, but she was terrified every moment of the day. She was aways worrying that there is no bread enough, and the shop will close before dinner, that what she cooked we might not like, that we get lost on the way to school, that we might get sick and so and so on. So I grew up mostly worrying,  and I would not say frightened, but pretty insecure.I felt insecure even though I had awesome school mates; I loved to go to school, and I would like to participate, to travel and to discover new things. 
I had to realize later in my 30 `s that this insecurity program had delayed or stopped me from many things that I had not achieved and done.  I was now conscious that I have to liberate myself from fear. So I started studying fear. 
After trying to treat my fear with many techniques, one day I come to a realization. It is scientifically proof that dogs can smell that we are afraid. Do you agree?

So, one day, I realized that fear is nothing else than a chemical reaction in our blood that is triggered by different memories and believes that we had collected over the years. The triggers that activate the fear are not even ours, most of the times.
Once that I acknowledge that fear is just a chemical reaction in my blood that is activated by triggers, that are not even mine and it is just like a gas that will paralyze my body and mind I could consciously act:  instead of letting this gas flood my veins and blood I will start to feel up my veins and blood with pure oxygen! How can I do this? Easy: breath deeply breath in and out and blew my imaginary or real feather as far as possible I can, So, by this my mind and body deeply relax, defocused from the fear and panic and focusing on my feather, peace and security will return and all my fears will literally fly away.

Does it work? Oh, yes it is!

SInce than we learned with hundreds of kids, who still have at home the "magic feather" and they can keep it all times with them and when ever fear come with the help of the magical feather will transform it into fearlesness!

Because, you know magic is nothing else: just preparation, practice and delivery! 


If we do not conguer fear at the begining we will notice shorthy that will lead to anger.
What is anger?
Anger is coming from the fact that we feel powerless in front of doing certain things or bringing our willing to others attention.
Anger is exactly how it is sometimes graphically figured: a little red devil with a fork in his hand and punching everyone around. You woud belive that you have fun being angry, but soon you will figure out that there is no fun in being angry.
So, what is to be done than?

Well, just in case you got angry, next time you better be prepared.
Now, you know that we just said above that this "little devil has a fork" and it is pithing all around with it? This is what you do also, when you are angry: you say ugly words, things that you do not even mean and also you shout and sometimes maybe you just hit and punch.
So, next time remeber: when you are angry well that is not you! It is the ittle devil and has nothing do with you. When you see him ready to attack, better pinch yourself on your hand, just to check that  you are not the little devil. If it is hurts a ittle bit, you see, it is you and you have nothing to do with ANGER.
So, instead of getting in trouble better sing:
Anger, anger go away
Anger, anger stay away
and than blew , blew , blew until you notice all your anger disapiered!

Now how fun is this?
You will notice after a few blows that you are calm and more calm.....and things wil just keep going on a happy way!

This is the most easiest to transform SADNESS IN HAPPINESS!

The secret is again: that you and only you, and you ony who can decide what you want to feel.
As if you decide to be unhappy, sad there is nothing nothing that can change this unless you are willing to change it.
Change can be difficult, it is challenging and sometimes we do not even know where it  comes from.

So next time you feel sad, there is a simple very very simple way to get over it.

Just find a mirror, stand in front and! Yes, you see we make the most funny faces when we try to smile and we are not willing to do this. Keep doing this funny smiing faces until you will burst in laughing and tha.......sadness is over, welcome happiness!

You see, emotions can be handle if you know that they are only temporary, you know that they are not you and where they come from and most of all you know the "mgic tricks" to make them go away.

So, I encouarage you to use this tools with your kids, family and maybe students and let us know about the miraculos transformations that you achieved.

If you want to practice with us, well you are welcome to join in our workshops and interactive stories, adventure.

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Create yourself beautiful emotions!

Your devoted
Katy Winner
Abracadabra & Story Bus Team

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