Friday, 12 February 2016

What is Love?

A few years ago on a lazy Sunday morning my little son only five years of back then, asked me this question: What is Love?
At first, it seemed a very easy question to answer.
"-What is Love? Love is what we feel when we like somebody very much." 
"-Just as you like me? was immediately the next question. 
"-Yes, just as I like you! 
" What if we do not like somebody, can we still love them?" -it was the next question that arose.
So, from a question that I thought it is very simple to answer, we already were involved in so much more deepness of the conversation.
The big issue is I presume; can we love somebody without like them?
What do you think? 
Well it took me many many years to realize that love, love is something that we are born from and we are born with.
Did you ever saw a new born baby looking at its Mum and do not like her or not looking at her with that profound and subtle look of Love that only babies can have?
So, is it love associated with likeness? Do we need to like who we love and do we love all that we like?
Well,  is hard to have a philosophical chat on a Sunday morning with five years old.
At that moment,  I had not a clue about the next questions that followed.
"Will you always love me? " was the next question
"Even if I will get married to another girl than you?" just like all five years old boys would get married their Mum
"Will you love me if I will die?"  , scary and tuff question for a Sunday morning 
" What if I will have a brother or sister, will you love them more?"
Little by little we went into questions that I realised that are not originally coming from my child. SO I asked him back;
"What do you think what is love?"
" Love is like a sun; he replied very seriously.  It is cozy... and you feel well and safe, and it is funny and thickly as you always need to laugh! "
" Where you feel all this?" I asked my young philosopher 
" Here inside, and he pointed to his tummy, you know where the butterflies live !" 
" So love lives inside you?" I asked curiously
" Yes, yeah, yeah, come the proper answer, you are love! "
" I am?"
"Yes, we all are, can you not see it?" came the unexpected question.
" Sometimes not, I replied, sometimes a meet people who I do not feel that are full of love." - I said and before my eyes, I could see the faces of few persons in the past that I had the problem loving.
" Hahahhaha, laughed  my young philosopher, if love lives inside you then why are you looking for it in others people ?"
I was not prepared for this!
I was not ready to receive my biggest lesson about life and love from my five years old, but the words hit me, and I knew that this is the truth!
Was I looking for love in other people heart all these years?
Yes, I was.
" Hahahahaha, laughed my little one, it is like when we play hide and seek with little kids, and we pretend that we do not know where they are, just to play around and make them feel well! 
From this Sunday morning conversation, my life had changed a lot. 
I know now the definition of love: crazy little colorful butterflies that live inside you and make you feel safe and happy. Love lives inside me and not in other peoples heart.
That is all about Love!
Many years since then, I still smile whenever I hear people asking: I wonder does he/she love me?
All I ask them and I ask now you: do you love her/him? 
Love is a reflection, the reflection of you!
Do not chase butterflies, fill up your heart with love so butterflies will come and stay with you.
So send your colorful cards, share your hugs and feel the Love, the Love that you are!

Happy Valentines!

We Love You
Katy Mummager and the Abracadabra& StoryBus Team

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