Sunday, 6 March 2016

Happy Mothers Day!

Dear Mums, 

Today is the day when here in Ireland we celebrate Mum. I never understand and I still do not understand why this day is on different dates around the world, but this is not the point today.

Today is the day to you. You expect to be spoiled, you expect flowers and treats and full attention, And yes you should! We deserve this! It is just more than fair that there is one day all year around when we should be looked after like never before.

I agree, but then I disagree!
I do not agree because I do not like one-day celebrations! 
I want every day to be a celebration!

What is from today we will not expect the next mothers day to be spoiled and pampered but we celebrate every day?
So my message for this year Mother`s Day is simple; be a Mum that brings support and celebration in everyday life! 
Be excited, be happy and be the Mum you always wanted to have or be!
Do not expect flowers and chocolate, give flowers and chocolate!
Try it this year the other way!
Try it for a year every day to be glamorous, beautiful and great Mum that you always wanted to be!

"Mothering"  has changed so much in the last decade. Did we changed also?

Today is the day, maybe you take a few moments and look over your family and kids and notice what is happening around you.

Today is the day when you can ask yourself: am I doing well as a Mother?

I know one thing: if you listen to your heart and you act by your soul you must be doing all well. 

I am sure you do!

Celebrations are actually a moment that we can and should stop for a moment;take a deep breath, relax and reload.

Have an amazing day!


Abracadabra to you !

Katy WInner
Parenting Expert, Author and Mummager

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